Five Elegant Apartments in a Boutique

The project features a total of 5 apartment units with balconies and green views, and one non-residential unit. The villa also offers common areas and a garage. The apartments are completed to an elegant standard, featuring high quality laminate floors, insulated triple-glazed wooden windows, underfloor heating, and security entrance doors.

Floor Unit Layout Interior Usable Area Parking Price incl. VAT
1NP B01 2kk 56.18 m2 no sold
1NP commercial unit 2kk* 61.57 m2 no sold
2NP A01 3kk 111.90 m2 25.80 m2 yes sold
2NP A02 3kk 79.03 m2 65.44 m2 yes sold
3NP A11 3kk 106.68 m2 25.82 m2 yes sold
3NP A12 3kk 81.20 m2 24.40 m2 yes sold

*Proposed layout, offered as shell & core.

Lysolajské Údolí Villa | living room